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Witches Charm Bag Friendship

Witches Charm Bag Friendship


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Beautiful hand-made witches charm bag for friendship, contains Quality herbs, crystal talisman crystal and oil to attract the desired outcome.

Spell Pouch

This bag has been filled with a selection of especially chosen herbs, roots, powders, oils and crystals, and in some cases additional items for maximum effect.

In order for this bag to become personal it need to have 2 items added to it which must belong to the person keeping the bag, items you can add are things like small photo, lock of hair nail clippings etc, but no more than 2 items added or this will upset the magical balance of the pouch.

When you have added your items, hold the bag close and as often as possible, see the vision clearly in your mind of what it is that you desire, “friendship” in this case, the clearer you can see your vision the sooner it will become a reality.

Header card and instruction included.