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Promoting Happy Relationships with Amethyst and Citrine

amethyst and citrine relationship

In Fen shui, the different combinations of crystals can strengthen energetic forces in your aspirational areas. Amethyst and Citrine together lifts the harmonics of your relationship/marriage place in the southwest of your living room, raising the love vibes here and increasing your chances of meeting a new partner or strengthening and existing liaison.

Amethyst is a supreme healing crystal that helps you to get in touch with your feelings. True and pure love comes out of this stone, making lovers want to exchange the crystal in the shape of a heart to show how committed they are.

Citrine has a special affinity with amethyst, as it is formed by heat treating the amethyst to achieve the yellow citrine colour and vibration. A stone of prosperity, citrine fills you with joy and makes you feel good about yourself. Meditating with citrine increases your spiritual connection, giving you more mental clarity about how to progress with your relationship or find that desired partner.

Crystal Energizing – Display peices of these crystals together on a table on a table in the southwest of your living room and see how they raise the energetic s, improving your relationship luck. Keep them away from the sun because they may fade, particularly dark amethyst. Putting them with red candles, happy partnership pictures or photographs and a paired statue says to the world that you want a current or desired relationship to work.

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