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Sodalite Meaning for Full Details find out the Meaning of Sodalite Today

Meaning of Sodalite Crystals and Healing Methods

Many scholars have come up with many Sodalite meanings.The name sodalite came from the Greek words soda and Lithos which means stone salt because it has salt. It is nicknamed prince blue due to the fact it was discovered in 1891 during a royal visit.

Some of Sodalite meaning is; it is defined as a stone of logic, efficiency and rationality. It is a way of stimulating thought and is useful in when working in groups. In relationships, work place, families the sodalite stone helps in breaking the communication barriers. because its a stone of truth hence bringing it in communications. It helps in solving issues, ending arguments and disagreements. It mostly useful for love and honesty in feelings.

sodalite healing headache migraine

Sodalite healing headache migraine

It increases the knowledge, intelligence, learning proficiency, consciousness, wisdom communication,and sometimes it may be able to connect the spirit with logic.
Sodalite also helps in clearing all the mental confuses and creates inner peace. It helps in strengthening the mind over the body and also helps in creating a gap between feelings and thoughts. It best suited for communities and organizations that share common goals and purposes and also the ones providing fellowship and solidarity. Sodalite is the perfect aid during weight loss because it helps in digestion systems and also regulates the metabolism rates.

The other Sodalite meaning is that it is considered as a calming stone and a stone of the heart. Combined with its focal point which is on the head it can connect the rationale and spiritual which makes suitable when solving problems. It is considered as the stone of the poet and also other creative people.

Due to the combination of the heart and the mind

it makes it possible for people to see their visions as reality. Also it calming effects is able to create order in problems that often surround creative minds. It also brings inner peace, keeping it in the house brings peace and the energy flows around you.

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